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Octopus Reading Comprehension Passage and Questions | Printable PDF

Octopus Reading Comprehension Passage and Questions | Printable PDF

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This reading comprehension passage is about Octopus.

This passage discusses questions like: What are the most notable features of the octopus? How does the octopus use its ability to change color and texture? How do octopuses demonstrate problem-solving abilities? Have octopuses been observed using tools? Why are octopuses able to squeeze into tight spaces and contort their bodies in ways that would be impossible for most other animals? How long do most species of octopus live? What happens to the female octopus after it lays its eggs? What are the young octopuses called?

In our classroom, we have found that reading comprehension passages are great at engaging students. They also fit very well as introductory activities and homework. Early finishers also love these passage and questions.

What is all included?
✔ Reading Passage on Octopus (PDF)
✔ 10 Multiple Choice Questions
✔ Answer Key for MCQs

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