Snake Types Word Search Puzzle
Snake Types Word Search Puzzle

Enjoy this engaging word search puzzle with your students. This puzzles contains 30 words about Snake Types.

In our classroom, we have found that word search puzzles are great at engaging students. They also fit very well as filler activities and homework. Early finishers also love solving these puzzles.

What is all included?
✔ Word search puzzle on Snake Types (PDF)
✔ Word search puzzle on Snake Types - Black & White (PDF)
✔ Puzzle Solution (PDF)

Vocabulary (30 Words): Langaha, Anaconda, Taipan, Kingsnakes, Vipers, Anilius, Madtsoiidae, Cobras, Colubrid, Sunbeam, Uropeltidae, Bolyeriidae, Psammophis, Typhlopidae, Burrowing Asps, Menarana, Elapid, Boas, Lamprophis, False Cobra, Blind Snakes, Alethinophidia, Python, Coral Reef, Pit Vipers, Titanoboa, Amblyodipsas, Tropidophis, Acrochordus, Mambas

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