Astronomy Engaging Word Search Puzzle
Astronomy Engaging Word Search Puzzle

Enjoy this engaging word search puzzle with your students. This puzzle contains 40 words related to ASTRONOMY.
In our classroom, we have found that word search puzzles are great at engaging students. They also fit very well as filler activities and homework. Early finishers also love solving these puzzles.

What's included?
✔ Word search puzzle on ASTRONOMY - Colored (PDF)
✔ Word search puzzle on ASTRONOMY - Black & White (PDF)
✔ Puzzle Solution (PDF)

Vocabulary (40 Words):** Gravity, Neutron Star, Black Hole, Magellanic Clouds, Eccentricity, Escape Velocity, Red Shift, Relativity, Fermi Paradox, Doppler Shift, Exoplanet, Oort Cloud, Barycenter, Galaxy, Comet, Nebula, Astronomy, Asteroid, Telescope, Celestial, Magnitude, Dark Matter, Moon, Big Bang, Constellation, Binary Star, Orbit, Light Year, Brown Dwarf, Quasar, Spaghettification, Eclipse, Meteor, Dark Energy, Declination, Solar Wind, Milky Way, Solar System, Red Giant, Supernova

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